About us

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Liveon Technolabs Pvt Ltd is a company driven by a group of professionals with backgrounds in Radio Frequency, Analog and Digital Electronics with core expertise in cutting edge RF / EMI Shielding Enclosures.

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Our vision is to combine our knowledge of shielding technology with our engineering skills to design, manufacture, install and commission shielding systems to the R&D enterprises.

Our Innovative Solutions

Our innovations continue to set the standard of excellence to meet global customer needs. Our products offer a major step up in terms of isolation, robustness and ease of use. The solid construction, high-speed data filters and thorough design makes the test setup easy to access, and most importantly, impervious to interference. We have the supply chain capacity to meet our customer needs in terms of lead time and bulk volume orders.

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LTL D7001

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LTL S1001

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LTL N17001

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LTL A4001

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LTL U24001

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LTL QC4001

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LTL R21001

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LTL Q20001

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LTL Q22001

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Liveon Technolabs offer new generation Anechoic Test Chambers that are made up of robust premium grade raw material fabricated implementing modern technology with advanced shielding techniques for efficient shielding against electromagnetic waves ensuring excellent compliance with industry standards.

Applications: ◦ 5G ◦ RF ◦ Cellular ◦ Wifi ◦ WiMax ◦ WLAN ◦ Bluetooth ◦ mmWave protocol ◦ EMI/EMC testing and more

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Quality Commitment

Quality is something we never compromise on, and we have incorporated it into every step of the work we do. All our products are fabricated using the highest quality control to deliver a secure reliable product

Customer Support

Customer Satisfaction and customer service are motives that constantly drive our work. Our business and customer support team would be more than glad to assist you with any of your requirements and requests at all points of time. As long as you are happy, we are happy too!

Complete Product Customization

Our expert designers continually work with all our clients to support every product customization needs and suggest suitable solutions to bring your visions into reality. You help design it; we build it!

We host an excellent Research and Development lab setup administered by highly competent engineers, technicians and staff who continually work to explore new innovations and stay up to date with the latest technologies in our space. Our lab is equipped with top-notch testing instruments to help our engineers maintain the highest level of integrity in RF Shielding, Testing and measuring standards.

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