Liveon RF Rental

Liveon (LTL) Offers an efficient, immediate and cost effective RF Rentals

Liveon RF Rentals

Liveon Technolabs Rentals provide efficient, immediate and cost effective solutions for your temporary application or project needs. Our trusted rental services provide pre-calibrated, ready-to-use equipment in a flexible way that meets your needs.

Why Rent From Liveon

Our rental experts can help you choose the ready space for lab testing with the required right equipment while offering flexible rental options, along with quality customer service.

  • Dedicated rental experts are ready to help you find the right shielded box for your testing, equipment and determine the best course for rental.
  • Ready to use calibrated equipment is provided quickly in a cost effective and flexible way.


Liveon Technolabs offer new generation Anechoic Test Chambers that are made up of robust premium grade raw material fabricated implementing modern technology with advanced shielding techniques for efficient shielding against electromagnetic waves ensuring excellent compliance with industry standards.

These ultramodern Anechoic Test Chambers are designed with cutting edge technology, offering standard and customizable provisions to cater to the Academic, Automotive, Commercial and Research sectors.

Applications: ◦ 5G ◦ RF ◦ Cellular ◦ Wifi ◦ WiMax ◦ WLAN ◦ Bluetooth ◦ mmWave protocol ◦ EMI/EMC testing and more


Power Distribution unit fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power to system racks and networking equipment located within RF Chambers, RF units, Data Centre, research labs and so on.


Turntables designed for rotating equipment under test (EUT) during commercial EMC testing. Equipped with clockwise and counterclockwise rotating functionality to determine position at which EUT radiates the maximum electronic interference.


Premium durable racks with customizable options designed for laboratory test setup platforms.


Liveon provides customized heavy-duty stands which are designed to make them stronger and more durable than other products out there.

They are easy to set up, adjustable, long-lasting, robust construction with excellent stability base plate and come with easy-to-follow instructions.