Anechoic Test Chambers

Anechoic Test Chambers


Profits have been the outcome of the incredible use of technology by Liveon Technolabs. This has been proved beyond doubt by our new generation of Anechoic Test Chambers. So, what are these Anechoic Test Chambers?

For easy understanding, Anechoic Test Chambers are primarily used for a variety of measurements related to the transmission of sound and its effects. These uniquely designed test chambers are most notable for their strange appearance including walls, ceilings and sometimes floors.

At Liveon Technolabs, we have designed these Anechoic Test Chambers using cutting-edge technology, offering standard and customizable provisions catering to applications that include: 5G, RF, Cellular, Wifi, WiMax, WLAN, Bluetooth, mm-Wave protocol, EMI/EMC testing and more.  The high-performing Anechoic Test Chambers can be used in across a wide range of business sectors including Academic, Automotive, Commercial and Research.

These chambers are built to allow us to measure just the initial sound and none of those echoes They also help in isolating noises from outside sources to ensure that your measurements are not contaminated.

The Anechoic Test Chambers come in various sizes. At Liveon Technolabs, we have the technical ability to help you specify the type of chamber that you need and ensure that it performs to a level that meets your needs.

Performing tests inside an anechoic chamber gives you much more reliable and accurate results when compared to testing outside. We are committed to making your product testing experience as safe as possible with the help of niche technology.