Liveon Technolabs Is Committed To Provide World-Class Services And Solutions By Providing Quality Into Everything We Do, Sparking Breakthrough Ideas, And Cultivating The Highest Level Of Integrity.

Custom Made Products

The cabinets can be customized to any size requirements, and can be placed on desks or workbenches. Welded cabinets are also available. If large mobile cabinets are required, movable platforms can be provided.

Annual Maintenance Service

Liveon Technolabs provides annual maintenance for existing chambers, timely preventive maintenance, effective repairs, personalized service and renewal at economic rates as against exorbitant rates charged by main manufacturers.

Maintaining your equipment along with regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits to ensure reliability and extend the life of test facilities. Your test facility and equipment is a critical part of your business and downtime is one of the most expensive results of even minimal neglect. We can maintain your third party equipment as well, saving you time and money by issuing one comprehensive service contract.

Relocation & Refurbishment Services

We can help to relocate or refurbish of your existing RF chambers.

Engineering and Consulting Services

Our engineering staff has experience in the RF Shielding Industry and can offer its expertise to address a wide range of issues which can include advice on modifying an existing enclosure, adding accessories to an existing enclosure, and producing drawings and associated documentation for a new project.

Site Surveys

Our engineering staff and field supervisors are available to visit your site and offer site specific recommendations and requirements to maximize the effectiveness of your shielded enclosure and expedite the installation. Our staff can make recommendations on where an enclosure should be placed and address any concerns of the customer during the visit.

Maintenance of RF Doors & Accessories

We understand that the RF door is the most important part of any shielded enclosure. It is crucial that every RF door is effectively maintained otherwise it will have serious effects on the shielding effectiveness of the entire enclosure.