Liveon Technolabs is where quality meets excellence. The RF Shielded Test Enclosure is one among our many technology-driven products that have been nothing short of a sensation.

The main objective of an RF Shielding Enclosure is to secure any intermediate device under test from the effects of Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI). It does this by interrupting the Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Signals. Our RF Shielded Enclosures use conductive sheets, usually made from copper, aluminium, and steel and are accompanied by a high-performance, specialized EMI gasket which enables stable and effective RF shielding performance in all frequency bands.

To suit the type, specification and size of the product to be tested, we design our enclosures in three different categories; Small, Medium and Large, with specific models to choose from.

Radiofrequency Interference is known to cause electronic and communication devices to perform poorly. The productivity and effectiveness of any RF Shielding Enclosure depend upon the following factors,

  • The properties of the shielding material
  • It’s design
  • Shield thickness
  • Electromagnetic frequency.

Where Liveon Technolabs is different from the rest is that our enclosures have a high degree of conductivity and magnetic permeability required for RF shielding materials.

Our RF Shielded Enclosures can be incorporated into testing devices used across a wide spectrum of business establishments including IT, healthcare, military, banking, business, government, research, and testing facilities.

RF Shielded Enclosures from Liveon Technolabs continue to win the trust of our clients based worldwide due to their power-packed performance, robust designs, wide range of varieties and above all, affordable cost.