Power Distribution Units (PDU)

A Power Distribution Unit is a device used to distribute and control power to system racks and networking equipment used in Research Labs, Data Centres, RF Chambers etc. There are advanced PDUs that offer remote access and real-time monitoring facilities.

The power source of a PDU can be AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current). The main objective of Power Distribution Units is to ensure that an organization’s IT infrastructure and data centres are adequately powered. They also help organizations in monitoring power efficiency and uptime.

At Liveon Technolabs, we offer standard and customizable PDU provisions to the Commercial sectors. PDUs are normally available in 4 different types depending on the need of the organization. They are,

• Rack-mounted PDUs
• Floor-mounted PDUs
• Cabinet PDUs
• Portable PDUs

In a nutshell, the most important advantages PDUs offer include:

• Monitor Power Consumption
• Facilitates remote access especially when the equipment needs to be restarted to ensure normal operations.
• Provides value for investment as you will save on multiple network components.
• Gives a complete minute-minute during about remote equipment monitoring and performance

Power Distribution Units from Liveon Technolabs have received exceptional feedback from all our clients due to their robust design, power-packed performance and bare minimum operational errors.